Videochat From Your PC: Guide To The Best Webcams On The Market

“Video Chat With Me on Skype!” – You’ve probably received such an invitation thousands of times. However, if you download Skype and know how to use it, it does not anticipate any particular difficulty, problems arise when you have to choose a valid webcam that will allow you to make video conferencing. In this mini guide I would like to advise you on which webcams to buy, without spending a fortune or engaging in scams.

But is it really so difficult to choose a webcam? No, it is not a particularly complex task, but if this is a field where you have little or no experience, then you could find yourself in two situations:

1) You spent more money than needed to have a stratospheric webcam you do not need.

2) You went to the savings by choosing a webcam that cost less than all and you find yourself with a bad video quality.

As with any purchase that you respect, you must always find the right compromise between performance and price, and that is the value of this guide.

Robin Good, in fact, has spent days trying out the current webcam market to find the best ones and divide them by price bands so that you can already have a pre-selection of the best that’s out there.

The three price ranges are these:

Below 20-30eu
Between 40-80eu
Under the 85-120eu
For each webcam, Robin has prepared a summary mini-card with the main features, the direct link to go to see on and buy it right away and a mini-review, always from Amazon.

Here are the features used to compare webcams:

Resolution: the video quality of the webcam. The higher the better, the better you will see the video you are sending.
Supported Systems: The operating system for which the webcam was designed (PC or MAC).
Built-in microphone: the webcam’s ability to transmit your voice as well as your video.
Price: The current webcam cost on (may vary over time).
Good choice and video chat from your PC with the cameras you like.

Videochat From Your PC: Guide To The Best Webcams On The Market

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