ezTalks: Tips for Conducting a Successful Teleconference Interview

The call may be audio or video conferencing through platforms like ezTalks Cloud Meeting. Video teleconference job interview is most preferred because of the increasing technology in cloud meeting. The communication can be done over a phone or a laptop. Also, visual communication is effective in gauging whether a candidate is fit for the job.

Part 1: What Is a Teleconference Interview?

Part 2: Benefits of Teleconference Interview

Part 3: How to Conduct a Successful Teleconference Interview

Part 1: What Is a Teleconference Interview?

Teleconference interview is a telephone and formal conversation between two or more participants by using advanced cloud meeting technology like ezTalks Cloud Meeting. In this case, you will not be meeting your interviewer face to face. Instead, you will see each over a phone or a telephone in video conference meeting. In an audio conference, the participants only hear voices while in a video conference interview participants see images and motions of each other. A job interview via teleconference will require special arrangements and technology to ensure that the images are high definition and the audio is clear.team collaboration app

teleconference interview

Part 2: Benefits of Teleconference Interview

The Human Resource department is continuously reinventing itself with the growing trend of online interviews. Video and web conferencing has made it easy for HR to transform from the traditional interview activities to modern ones. Research shows that job interview via teleconference has increased by 49% since 2011. The following are the benefits of teleconference interview: web white board

Reduces the cost of Traveling. The HR department will not spend too much money on traveling and interview preparation. This advantage has been the driving force of increased teleconference interviews in many organization. It is equally cost effective to the interviewee because they can have the interview session while at home.

Improves Communication. Nonverbal communication is more effective than verbal communication. The video teleconferencingoffers the interviewer to gauge how much the candidate is interested in the job by observing the non-verbal cues. Also, cloud meeting technology improves communication by allowing the exchange of files and media, and interactive whiteboard sharing.

Time Efficient. Travelling consumes a lot of time, and you are more likely to experience transport delays. A job interview via teleconference is time efficient because it can be set up at any time upon arrangements. You will get an email or text notification about the interview.collaboration tools free

Increases Productivity. Since teleconference interviews involve more than two participants, more interviews can be conducted within a day. This increases the productivity of the HR department because it will take a shorter time to interview many candidates.

Environmentally Friendly. Video teleconference job interview reduces carbon footprints in the environment because there is a reduced automotive usage. Vehicles exhaust has been increasing carbon footprint in the atmosphere because of its gas composition.

Improves the Hiring Process. Recruiting new employees is a lengthy and expensive process. It becomes more expensive when a company is hiring candidates from other states or countries. This makes planning for interviews challenging and time-consuming. Conducting job interviews via teleconference makes the hiring process short and efficient.

Part 3: How to Conduct a Successful Teleconference Interview

In order to conduct a successful teleconference interview, here are some useful tips for both interviewers and candidates.

Tips for Interviewers:

Write a list of relevant questions to the job’s tasks and responsibilities. This list is important because it will you not to forget important questions during the interview. It also focuses the interview on the main agenda of gauging whether the candidate is fit for the job. Remember to have questions that focus on the behavior and performance of the candidate.free online training software

Remember to go through the applicant’s resume prior to the interview. This is important because it helps you know what kind of a candidate you are interviewing. You may also have questions concerning the academic or work experience of the applicant. It will give you an idea of outlining structure of the interview session.

Have the right teleconference interview etiquette by not talking too much at the interview. The candidate should have enough time to answer your questions. Also, use polite and professional words during the video conference job interview.

Do a follow-up email or call to let the candidates know whether they got the job or not. It is a professional way of ending the hiring process.

Tips for Candidates:

Do your homework well. Research about the company and understand what they do. Be aware of the job description of the position you are about to be interviewed. This research will help you to confidently answer all the interview questions.

Check your tech. Make sure that your microphone and webcam are working. This is to ensure that there will be no technical hitches during the interview. It will be embarrassing if your voice or video is not reaching the interviewer in good quality. It will strain the interview session, and you will not be in a position to sell yourself.facetime vs hangouts

Dress appropriately. Do you know what to wear during a video teleconference job interview? Have an official dress wear, blue and black colors are most preferred. Even though the interview is via a cloud meeting, your appearance matters. One of the things that the interviewer will check is your dressing.

Prepare you surrounding by ensuring you have good lighting and the room should be neat. A disorganized room will disqualify you from the job hiring process. Avoid distractions such as movements, crying child or a barking dog. Chose a quiet surrounding that is free from noise and overcrowding.

During a video teleconference job interview, make sure to turn on your webcam. It is an awkward situation where the interviewer’s camera is on while yours is off. It could cost you that good job.

Have teleconference job interview etiquette. This includes the use of polite words, keep eye contact, avoid using slang words, and use simple and clear English grammar to communicate.

From: https://www.eztalks.com/teleconferencing/how-to-conduct-a-successful-teleconference-interview.html

ezTalks: How to Host a Successful Webinar

The host of the webinar requires Internet access, headset, webcam and a webinar hosting software. The attendees only need Internet access and a headset. There are, however, other preparations which must be made before hosting a webinar. Below is a list of ten important tips which you should consult while preparing to make a webinar.

how to make a webinar

1. Choose the Date in Advance

The first tips on how to make a webinar is to choose the date ahead of time. The reason is that the people you will invite to the webinar have busy schedules. Prior notice will enable them to create time to attend the webinar. Conversely, excess time in between could result to loss of motivation. It is advisable to consider selecting the date(s) to increase chances of attendance carefully. Pick on weekends and holidays which are not associated with many activities.presentations software free

2. Get the Timing Right

If you are inviting people from different parts of the globe, it is necessary to consider the time-zone differences. You do not want to set the meeting at a time when some of the attendees are almost leaving the office or when they are at home. Selecting the time which works for everyone is nearly impossible. Another option is to hold the webinar more than once for people of different time zones.webex video conference software

3. Choose a Webinar Tool

The idea on how to make a webinar presentation for free successfully is that you’d better choose a webinar tool. The webinar tool which suits you best depends on the number of attendees you expect, whether you want a series of the meetings and the relevance of the interaction. A good example of this is ezTalks Cloud Meeting, powerful and trustworthy webinar tool found online.

Using this tool, you can connect with a maximum of 100 people in different parts of the world at no cost. It has an easy to use interface and offers unlimited meeting time. It features a full-screen view, can be used with interactive whiteboards and allows remote screen sharing, record video and audio of the webinar.

make a webinar

4. Practice

You as the host (and other presenters) are expected to run a smooth webinar. You should, therefore, practice using the webinar before the actual event. You can use the practice mode of the program or invite a colleague to help you practice with the webinar tools. Among the things you should learn from the practice are as follows:zoom online meeting

I. How to switch between speakers.
II. The process of taking a poll.
III. How to share video, audio, files and others.

5. Agenda and Invitation

The invitation should have an outline of the program of the webinar. The plan should indicate how long the meeting will last, the key points of discussion and the order of events. Additional information includes the webinar title, a list of the speakers and the target audience and a call to action. The information contained in the invitation is important to the invitees as it helps them determine if the webinar is relevant to them.

6. Invite Audience

Ensure to make a webinar effortlessly, you should choose the right members of your audience for the webinar. Follow up the RSVP responses, to be sure of the number of people who plan to attend. This will help you prepare your follow-up. The audience should have your in-house list of targets, a rented list and media partners and sponsors (for obvious reasons). You can also use social media and blogs to spread news of the meeting to interested parties.video calling app

7. Design the Presentation

To make a webinar efficient, the presentation should be entertaining and informative. Use graphic enhancements such as pictures and videos to add life to your presentation. You can even send materials to the attendees before the live webinar. This serves to make them slightly informed, and they will follow through the conference. The speaker should receive training on the right tone and pace to use during the presentation.

8. Record webinars While Hosting

Recoding webinars is useful for the members who would like to revisit the discussion or for those who could not attend. The video can also be included in the webinar for online marketing campaigns to reinforce the message.

9. Post-webinar Follow-up

After the webinar, you should do some follow-up. First, send thank you emails to all the people you had invited, regardless of whether they attended. Also, remind the participants of what was discussed and gather their thoughts on the webinar. This is also the best time to inform them of the dates of proceeding meetings.instant messaging apps for pc

10. Review the Feedback

The response of the participants is the reason why you hold a webinar in the first place. This feedback is usually helpful as it highlights what you can do to improve the next webinars. It can also be the point where you bag customers.

from: https://www.eztalks.com/webinars/tips-for-how-to-make-a-webinar.html

ezTalks: Alternatives to Line to Choose the Best Suitable One

It’s an incredible software, but not everyone is always comfortable with one particular thing. People have different tastes and needs, and this is why we are introducing to you five other applications that facilitate communication just as good as Line if not better! These include:

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp has over the last few years become very popular around the globe. It’s a lite communication application available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Nokia mobile gadgets. Through WhatsApp, you can send an unlimited amount of messages whether it’s texted or voice messages without any charges. WhatsApp also recently introduced video calls that can be conducted across borders and continents. With a strong Wi-Fi connection, you can enjoy all these features and share pictures, files and gifs with your friends. There also exists group chats where you can have several people coming together to form one private group for communication. It’s a fast and easy to use application that has enabled even the oldest individuals to enjoy the new technological modes of communication.free webinar software

2. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a great Line alternative, which arguably offers the best video conferencing services that you can find for free. How many communication software allows users to enjoy free HD video chats without any fee? ezTalks Cloud Meeting brings as much as 100 friends to your gadget where you can talk for up to 40 minutes. After that, all you have to do is to restart the chat and just like that you can continue to have endless video interactions with all of them. On top of all this are a video and audio playback capability, file sharing of PDF, PPT and private and public chat rooms within the group of colleagues that you are hosting. With these and many other features, ezTalks easily doubles up as both a social and commercial video communication tool. Why then wouldn’t you install it and use it on the weekends to catch up with your friends and then host your sales meetings remotely early in the morning during weekdays? best screen sharing software

3. Facebook Messenger

Facebook is the most joined social network platform in the world! Downloading this application is easy and quick while in some cases you won’t even need to download it as it comes as a default app in your Smartphone. The social network giant was upgraded to incorporate better and more efficient communication methods. Most people especially teenagers spend a lot of their time on social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger. If you are on Facebook and you want to communicate with someone you no longer have to log out and use your phone dialer. With Facebook calls you can now conduct both voice and video calls with anyone as long as they are on Facebook. A lot of people are already familiar with Facebook and therefore navigating around it shouldn’t be a problem.gotomeeting alternative

4. ooVoo

OoVoo is one of the best Line alternatives that can perfectly substitute Line Chat. It has been developed with improved
compatibility that helps it to synchronize with Facebook bringing your friends even closer. ooVoo has applications for both mobile and desktop thus increasing its coverage. You can hence communicate with your friends through their desktop while you are on your mobile gadget. With ooVoo sending of files, images, messages, and calls are free and very fast. It also supports free group chats that can accommodate up to 10 people. As a substitute, therefore, ooVoo will
ensure that you are continuously connected with all your friends without any charges.

From: https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/top-5-line-alternatives.html

ezTalks: How to Conduct Remote Support Better

Remote support definition is a type of secure service, which permits representatives to help end-users to solve computer problems remotely. This can be done either by displaying the steps to take through screen sharing or the alternative that involves taking control of desktops to perform tasks remotely. Most times, remote support is utilized in conjunction with a phone support

It is a way by which a technician diagnoses a problem, experiments with a few possible steps to provide a solution to the problem and verifies the solution that has been implemented. Remote support always takes place through the Internet. This means that the technician does not leave his workstation and neither does the computer that is malfunctioning. A desktop sharing software is what is used to feed the remote support trouble-shooter with rapid-fire screenshots from the screen of the problematic computer. Similarly, mouse clicks and keystrokes are captured by the remote support trouble-shooter and sent via the Internet to a distant machine belonging to the technician.webex alternatives

what is remote support

Remote Support Benefits

Now that you know what remote support is. You might be still various about why remote support is widely used by many organizations. Here we list out are the main benefits of remote support.alternatives to google hangouts

• Efficiency
This is one of the most notable remote support benefits. This is because it minimizes the time that would have been used on travel to see a client, thus getting more work done and at a faster rate. The only downtime associated with remote support is connecting with remote support software online.

• Cost Effective
Remote support eliminates wear and tear to vehicles and usage of gas, and decreases probability of accidents. A lower probability of accidents translates to insurance rates that are relatively cheaper. Other ways by which it is cost effective include the following:teamviewer alternatives free

i. Taking lunch at home.
ii. Reduced budget on clothing.

• Green
Remote support does not involve driving and this positively contributes to the serious issue of greenhouse gas. The overall result is a greener overall footprint whose benefits cannot be overlooked.

• Multi-tasking
This is a worthwhile benefit for those who keep asking why remote support. It allows one to successfully juggle several jobs. This means that a technician will have numerous billable hours taken care of within a relatively short time.zoom online alternative

• After Hours
Remote supports facilitates working after hours. This is mostly applicable to situations like Windows updates particularly on servers. It is the ideal solution for instances where clients have a problem but lack the time for the technician to work on the particular problem.

• Work from Home
Incorporating remote support to a repair business is the simplest way of allowing the work-from-home model to work for you.

• Fast Response
Remote support allows technicians to deal with customers that demand an immediate turnaround or with failing machines. This means that it is a good way to quickly resolve issues, a fact that will be greatly appreciated by clients.

• Controlled Environment

It is difficult for a technician to control variables on site that affect his/her work efficiency. Remote support allows technicians to work without clients getting in their way because they are in a controlled environment.

• Less Intrusive
There are clients who do not like seeing technicians around and there are also clients who technicians do not like being around, remote support solves both situations. In fact, most clients appreciate it when their technology is restored to full functionality without the technician being intrusive.

The benefits listed above are just but a few as there are many more advantages that remote support has that cannot be ignored.


From: https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/what-is-remote-support.html

ezTalks: Comparing Best Open Source Web Meeting Software

Nonetheless, staying in touch with other people through web meetings can be a costly and frustrating endeavor if you don’t go for the right open source web meeting software. In this open source web meeting software review, we look at the best open source web meeting software options that are not only reliable and flexible but also affordable.

1. Buddy Meeting

This open source web meeting software can accommodate up to 25 participants per session. It supports chat, video and voice functions as well as other handy options like slide sharing, screen sharing, and whiteboard. Buddy Meeting also uses a flash, so you will not need to download anything provided you have a Flash player on your device. One demerit of the software, however, is that it does not support playback and recording. Nonetheless, it is a flexible software with a user-friendly interface and is ideal for both beginners and veterans in the world of web conferencing.

buddy meeting

2. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks is an open source web meeting software that offers both large and small businesses a unitary stage from which to collaborate and interact online. Integrating an innovative whiteboard, a cross platform chat, and HD video/audio functions, the cloud based system delivers a user-friendly yet comprehensive solution.screen sharing software

Furthermore, to enhance a user’s experience, ezTalks Cloud Meeting also supports playback, recording, and scheduling which allows you to share files easily or send reminders to participants about any upcoming event. The web conferencing solution also features kick out, lock meeting and permit speak settings that give hosts total control of the meeting. You can also host or anyone can join in from virtually anywhere whether it is a laptop, tablet or mobile device.

eztalks cloud meeting

3. Mikogo

This is a free screen sharing tool modeled to streamline online meetings and web conferences. It can accommodate up to 25 people per session allowing them to share screen content synchronously without a fuss. It also offers a wide array of unique features and interactive tools such as the HTML viewer that allows attendees to join in from any mobile or computer device. It is also 100 percent browser based which means there are no downloads and as the host, anything you do or see your attendees will also see.gotomeeting alternative


4. VMukti

VMukti is one of the most well designed open source web conferencing tools currently available. It is awash with many handy features such as real time video/audio, whiteboard, presentation synchronization, screen sharing, document sharing and image sharing that make it very easy to use. The system also allows users to co-author with other participants, conduct polls during meetings, host classrooms as well as monitor cloud tabs.alternatives to google hangouts


5. Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a feature rich web conferencing option that mainly utilizes the tech giant’s experience and programs. The web based virtual meeting tool runs chat, video, and audio smoothly, regardless of the browser you use. It also allows hosts to go through their presentations in a meeting room before the actual conference starts so as to identify any issues that might come up or to learn how to move around the platform before the meeting starts.join.me alternative

It also has windows known as pods which focus on different features. You can set it up to only open windows with features that you need, allowing to personalize your presentation. In addition, the brand’s work with commercial and government agencies means it has a very solid focus on security which is ideal if you are dealing with confidential data.

adobe connect


From: https://www.eztalks.com/video-meeting/open-source-web-meeting-software-review.html


Videochat From Your PC: Guide To The Best Webcams On The Market

“Video Chat With Me on Skype!” – You’ve probably received such an invitation thousands of times. However, if you download Skype and know how to use it, it does not anticipate any particular difficulty, problems arise when you have to choose a valid webcam that will allow you to make video conferencing. In this mini guide I would like to advise you on which webcams to buy, without spending a fortune or engaging in scams.

But is it really so difficult to choose a webcam? No, it is not a particularly complex task, but if this is a field where you have little or no experience, then you could find yourself in two situations:

1) You spent more money than needed to have a stratospheric webcam you do not need.

2) You went to the savings by choosing a webcam that cost less than all and you find yourself with a bad video quality.

As with any purchase that you respect, you must always find the right compromise between performance and price, and that is the value of this guide.

Robin Good, in fact, has spent days trying out the current webcam market to find the best ones and divide them by price bands so that you can already have a pre-selection of the best that’s out there.

The three price ranges are these:

Below 20-30eu
Between 40-80eu
Under the 85-120eu
For each webcam, Robin has prepared a summary mini-card with the main features, the direct link to go to see on Amazon.com and buy it right away and a mini-review, always from Amazon.

Here are the features used to compare webcams:

Resolution: the video quality of the webcam. The higher the better, the better you will see the video you are sending.
Supported Systems: The operating system for which the webcam was designed (PC or MAC).
Built-in microphone: the webcam’s ability to transmit your voice as well as your video.
Price: The current webcam cost on Amazon.com (may vary over time).
Good choice and video chat from your PC with the cameras you like.

Videochat From Your PC: Guide To The Best Webcams On The Market

5 Most Important Unified Communications Features

5 Most Important Unified Communications Features

Unified communication (UC) has helped to increase productivity in the business world. These systems are made up of many different components and features. Failing to understand these features might make you miss out on the actual benefits of unified communications systems. Here are the most important features of unified communications:

unified communications features

●Video Conferences

Face-to-face communication is important for all businesses, regardless of size. However, it is sometimes impossible to meet clients, and that is why you need to find a good video conferencing service. It is always better to use a video conferencing service that accommodates more participants.

Products like ezTalks Cloud Meeting can let you hold meetings with up to 100 people for free, and that makes it ideal for most businesses. This service also allows you to share documents and communicate through their instant messaging app. In case you need to communicate with people in far-away locations, these products will cut your travel costs.

●Unified Messaging

Unified messaging allows a business to access their online communication systems with ease. There are many components of unified messaging applications. These systems deliver all your messages into a single inbox. As a result, people are able to manage and interact with their messages in a more flexible manner. Once you access the messages, you can forward, share and respond accordingly. Larger businesses will also enjoy the reduced cost of physical servers.

Unified messaging services also allow you to access your messages in multiple email systems. For example, you will be able to access your email through premise-based and cloud email systems. In addition, you will be able to get all communication in mobile devices, web interface, email client, and speech. You should get unified messaging products that meet your company’s confidentiality, security and compliance needs. There are many options to choose from.

●Automated Attendants

Another important feature of unified communication systems is the automated attendant. This feature helps you avoid missing calls. These systems transfer calls directly to an extension without going through receptionists. Callers will get a menu that gives them simple directions. For example, if a caller wants to speak to an operator, they have to press a number on their phones. That eliminates the possibility of missing calls.

Auto attendants can route calls to VoIP virtual solutions, mobile phones, other automated attendants, or even the traditional landline telephones. The systems can be customized to inform callers of offers or other important details. For example, before giving callers directions, the program can inform people on the business hours. This can be set as the welcoming message of the auto attendant system.

Automated attendants allow you to access your calls from any geographical location. They have lots of extra features that help to eliminate the possibility of missing important calls. Some of these follow me, find me and call forwarding features. If you are not in your office, calls can be forwarded to a different number, and this means you will be in constant communication with your clients, even if you are at a different location.

●Instant Messaging

Instant messaging allows more efficient communication, especially if you are using video conferencing apps. Businesses are quickly embracing IM apps to improve their communication. With these apps, you can have real time conversations with one or more people. In video conferences, IM apps allow participants to communicate with each other, or send documents for everyone to view. These services have made communication a lot cheaper. IM apps can also be used as an alternative or as a compliment to traditional long distance telephone services. This can end up saving you a lot of money. In case you are in the middle of a phone call, and still, need to get information from someone, you don’t have to hang up. You can simply use IM apps to contact the resource person as you carry on with the conversation.

●Desktop Sharing

Desktop sharing products allow users to share their desktop content with other devices. This allows users to access their desktop content remotely. You can access your desktop content from any geographical location and through any computer. These services also help in the quick resolution of tech problems. You can use online computer support to trouble shoot and fix any problems your computer has. The same app can also be used to find updates for your computer. In other words, desktop sharing allows remote tech support for devices.

Desktop sharing is important for companies that use video conferencing solutions. To start using the services, you will need to download the application, and the computer’s support administrator will run the app and start the sharing session. Many companies have found these apps to be very helpful.


Unified communication systems are becoming very popular in the world of business. They have helped to streamline communication in a very affordable way. With these systems, you will find it easier to interact with all forms of communication you get. Make sure you get the unified communications features listed above for the best experience.


Web Seminars are changing the way companies conduct business

Web Seminars are changing the way companies conduct business

During my 15 years at HP in sales, marketing and management, I have conducted and attended my share of trade shows, seminars and customer meetings. Back in the “old days”? of HP, selling involved bringing in experts to our customers to help them solve technology related problems. This worked great in that environment. When the cost of an HP instrument was around $25K, you could justify the expense of travel and time to do this. Global competition and the Internet have changed that business model completely. While there are still opportunities to have highly differentiated products that can garner a price premium, it is less frequent and the competition catches up much more quickly.

Over the last 8 years, I have been designing and marketing Web Seminar technologies and have seen first hand how Web Seminars can change the way enterprises conduct business. Now instead of flying in that expensive “resident expert,” you can conduct on-line meetings that deliver a similar impact to your “remote” audience. When combined with local relationship management, this can be quite an effective sales and customer retention tool. In this blog series, I will plan on writing about my experiences in Web Seminars, offer some ideas that may help you “re-tool”? your marketing mix and blend in some tips and resources to help make Web Seminars a standard part of your marketing programs.

Web Seminars are changing the way companies conduct business

ezTalks Elevates Unified Communication and Collaboration at InfoComm 2017

June 20, 2017- The largest and most fantastic technology event, InfoComm 2017, in North American market to show the newest innovations in audiovisual technology draw to a wonderful close last Friday. Under the theme of “Brilliant Video Conferencing”, ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd., the global leading video conferencing solution provider, has fully displayed its innovative video conferencing technology and full portfolio of solutions to all the attendees, which is another step this company has made towards the global market.

During the three-day exhibition, ezTalks has welcomed attendees from different industries with its attractive and competitive demos and presentations of its brilliant solutions. Since North-American video conferencing market has emerged to be the first in this industry, collaborative solutions are on great demand. According to Transparency Market Research, by the end of 2023, the revenue earned by video conferencing players in North America is expected to near US$2.9 bn. ezTalks is seizing this opportunity to accelerate collaborative business and unified communication using the platform of InfoComm 2017 with innovation, creativeness and dedication.

eztalks at infocomm2017 end1
The cloud-based video conferencing segment is rapidly growing
While traditional as well as on premise video conferencing offer a much more secure and controlled means of communication for an enterprise, these solutions limit in a very important way: The initial investment is high and bars small and medium enterprises from using video conferencing solutions. This pushes the growing of cloud-based video conferencing and taking greater market share every year ezTalks Cloud Meeting is the right solution for this segment which is streamlined and built to enhance the way people communicate in an affordable way. The free service plan of ezTalks Cloud enables up to 100 attendees to join a full-featured online meeting at the same time to provide users with enough opportunities to try and feedback.

eztalks at infocomm2017 end2

Global enterprises looking for unified communication tools
The implementation of unified communication tools will significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of communication between employees, branches and headquarter, company and clients, as the use of video conferencing solution will reduce budget and save time. Additionally, the development of digital business will also accelerate this market with big demand in cost-effective price. ezTalks is dedicated to provide cloud-based solutions, on-premise solutions and a series of video conferencing room equipment to make a more flexible, affordable and simpler workplace to communicate.

Digital Health in emerging demand
Hospital issues and patient-doctor relationship are always the hot topics and demand for higher efficiency as technology develops. Long length of appointment, long travel time and high cost obstacle the hospital visiting efficiency so that introducing video conferencing solution, an interactive way to connect patients and doctors, will highly improve efficiency and save cost. ezTalks provides frontier technology that is perfectly suitable for telehealth in the aspect of care support, health consultancy and health education, which means a promising market.

“Apart from that, ezTalks also offers solutions to other sectors such as enterprise, government, community and finance also in need of video conferencing technology” said Jack, Director of ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd. “ezTalks aims to provide a smarter and better workplace for enterprises and as made a good start in InfoComm 2017 and will do more in the coming InfoComm India in September”.

For press: press@eztalks.com
For sales: sales@eztalks.com
Phone: +1 (888) 567-8889
Website: https://www.eztalks.com/

About InfoComm Orlando
InfoComm Orlando is North America’s largest exhibition to show the newest innovations in audiovisual technology and hosts thousands of exhibitors, industry leaders, and technology products from around the world.

Meet ezTalks Video Communication at InfoComm 2017

June 14, 2017 – ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd., the global leading video conferencing solution provider, is demonstrating its full portfolio of video conferencing solutions at Booth 2791 on 14-16 June at InfoComm 2017 in Orlando.

With 1,000 exhibitors and 40,000 attendees, InfoComm 2017 is committed to providing a global platform that gathers professionals, technology heads, industry leaders, enterprise executives and decision makers together in one place. Dedicated to innovation of unified communication and collaboration technology, ezTalks team is showcasing its frontier video conferencing solution and interpreting the value of video conferencing in connecting enterprise, strengthening integration and collaboration at booth 2791.

eztalks at infocomm 2017 orlando 0615

Flexible Software Solution with 100 Participants Free
Attendees will get hands-on experience of ezTalks Cloud Meeting solution which enables up to 100 participants joining a meeting without any cost. At the show ezTalks team present Cloud meetings from different terminals which lets you connect with up to 100 participants, anywhere and anytime freely.

All-in-one Solution with Amazing Price
One of the highlight at the show is ezTalks Onion, an all-in-one video conferencing equipment integrated with software and 1080p camera with 120° wide angle lens, full frequency HD speaker and dual stereo microphones. The installation process is easy and users can start a meeting within minute with no need for on-site technician. The amazing point is that, the price is 50% less than traditional service providers like cisco, polycom, lifesize, etc.

Watch ezTalks Onion video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGQ_ct0YRBY.

Medium/Large Room Solutions
ezTalks also showcases VPE3000, the solution for medium room and VPE4000 for large room.
With professional design, flexible multiple displays, powerful collaborative function, stable communication and high security, VPE3000 and VPE4000 integrated with on-premise video conferencing software bring amazing experience for online meetings, remote trainings and healthcare.

Comprehensive Multipoint Control Unit
Audience are also available to VPM3000, the high-performance multipoint control unit (MCU) which connects multiple endpoint devices with large capacity, high stability and safety to provide perfect collaboration experience.

Visitors can get a full run-down of ezTalks at booth 2791 in Orange County Convention Center, Orlando to experience hands-on demos and benefit from product expert with suggestion on how to make conferences effectively!

Anyone who is not able to attend the event can also experience the service in following ways:

ezTalks Onion Free Trial at https://www.eztalks.com/onion/free-trial. Users will get 5 devices for 30 days trial to turn meeting room into perfect room.

ezTalks Meeting 100-participants Freemium Plan at https://uc.eztalks.com/signup/fr/try_free. Users could experience sharing slides, screens, whiteboard, co-annotation, group and private chat and recording with up to 100 participants freely.

For press: press@eztalks.com
For sales: sales@eztalks.com
Phone: +1 (888) 567-8889
Website: https://www.eztalks.com

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